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02/04/14 - Do you want to represent EFIA on a sector scheme advisory committee?

Do you want to represent EFIA on a sector scheme advisory committee? National Highway Sector Schemes (NHSS) were developed in partnership with key stakeholders of the highways industry to interpret ISO 9001 and its specific application to highways maintenance activities.  more info

02/04/14 - Join us on Twitter!

Our Alison maintains EFIA’s presence in the public domain of the online chattering classes, and as a result EFIA’s Twitter followers continue to grow month on month.  more info

02/04/14 - Congratulations to those EFIA members who have passed the CHAS Assessment

Well done to the following EFIA Members who have taken advantage of our free CHAS assessment service, all of whom passed with flying colours:  more info

27/01/14 - EFIA sees massive increase in Twitter followers!

Since last Newsletter EFIA’s Twitter followers have grown by a massive 60% from 104 to 179. Our Alison maintains our presence in the public domain of the chattering classes with her regular and often lively Tweets.  more info

27/01/14 - Congratulations to our new EFIA members.

EFIA is not a club with badge that can be bought. Rather it is a professional trade association with stringent entry criteria.  more info

28/10/11 - EFIA First CHAS Assessment

When EFIA member Brian Hull Fencing of County Durham wanted to register for CHAS – the Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme - they turned to their trade association.  more info

24/10/11 - BBA Signs Trading Standards TrustMark Inspection Contrac

The BBA has announced that it has signed an agreement with Hertfordshire Trading Standards to inspect their TrustMark approved building tradesmen.  more info

18/09/11 - EFIA New Benefits & Services Revealed

In conjunction with the launch of their new Website, EFIA are pleased to announce their new range of benefits for their Full and Entry-Level members: Full Member Benefits CHAS: free bi-annual re/assessment, including entry onto CHAS Database and subsequent acceptance onto all other SSiP Partner Safety Schemes (e.  more info

18/09/11 - Double Dutch or Triple A (AAA)?

EFIA Accounts and Financial Services Partner ASC comments: Double Dutch is certainly right! Dipping in and out of recession since 2008 - not a lot comes as a surprise anymore - but what is happening to the global economy is certainly Double Dutch.  more info

31/07/11 - EFIA New Partnerships & Benefits

Bernard KilBride, EFIA's new General Secretary, proudly announced “EFIA have established an exclusive partnership with CHAS – the Contractor’s Health & Safety Assessment Scheme – and we can now offer CHAS assessment and re-assessment (and registration on the CHAS database) at NO COST to our members“.  more info

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