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17/04/12 - 20% Of UK Construction Sites Fail Safety Checks

Nearly one in five construction sites failed safety checks during a national initiative to improve construction site safety - a slight improvement on previous years.  more info

29/03/12 - New Date For H&S Cost Recovery Scheme

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has announced that its cost recovery scheme, Fee for Intervention, is going ahead but will now not start in April 2012.  more info

29/03/12 - How To Avoid Bad Builders And Bad Customers

Let's face it; there are good and bad builders and customers alike. Yet everyone can protect themselves from the disreputable ones by using the JCT Home Owner contract for peace of mind and legal protection.  more info

29/03/12 - Firms Fined After Worker Falls

Two Nottingham companies have been fined after a worker fell more than nine metres, injuring his back.  more info

29/03/12 - Construction Project Starts Increase 17%

Residential and civil engineering construction projects starting on site increased in the three months to February to boost the underlying year on year value of total construction project starts by 17%, according to the latest data from construction industry analyst Glenigan.  more info

29/03/12 - Fire Safety Law And Guidance Documents For Business

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 came into effect in October 2006 and replaced over 70 pieces of fire safety law.  more info

29/03/12 - UKCG Launches Revised H&S Training

The UK Contractors Group (UKCG) has launched a revised Health and Safety training standard that focuses on the level of health and safety training required by those who direct, manage, supervise or undertake construction related activities on UKCG sites.  more info

29/03/12 - SME's Face Tougher Tender Contests

A new report by Constructionline has found that the industry's SMEs are facing tougher tender contests and longer payment times for completed work.  more info

29/03/12 - New orders at lowest levels since 1980

Last year’s total new orders for construction hit the lowest levels seen since 1980, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics.  more info

29/03/12 - 10 per cent of construction firms say most suppliers are high risk

Survey finds suppliers’ finances are the biggest worry One out of ten construction businesses believes most of their suppliers are “high risk” and could damage their business significantly if they got into trouble, according to a new survey.  more info

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