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23/05/12 - Experian forecasts 4.4% dip in 2012 construction output

Experian’s spring 2012 forecasts show a slight upward revision overall, compared to those released at the beginning of the year.  more info

23/05/12 - CITB-ConstructionSkills to mount card fraud probe

The body overseeing the Construction Skills Certification Scheme is investigating whether people are using forged CSCS cards on a mass scale to obtain work without undergoing required safety training.  more info

17/04/12 - Thieves Target Construction And Agricultural Machinery

Police are being urged to respond to the growing number of thieves using GPS jammers to target construction, plant and agricultural businesses to the value of £1.  more info

17/04/12 - Launch Of New Energy Saving Advice Line

A new telephone line has opened to give the public advice on how to save energy in their homes and businesses.  more info

17/04/12 - NFB Welcomes Lower Construction Levy For Small Businesses

The National Federation of Builders (NFB) has welcomed the changes approved by Parliament to the CITB-ConstructionSkills’ Levy Order.  more info

17/04/12 - HMRC Slammed For National Tax Scandal

Annual tax refunds could be going unclaimed by workers in the UK construction industry, according to figures released today, reports prweb.  more info

17/04/12 - British Economy Even Weaker Than Expected At The End Of Last Year

Figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show that Britain's economy was even weaker than expected at the end of last year, underlining the country's struggle to avoid another recession.  more info

17/04/12 - 20% Of UK Construction Sites Fail Safety Checks

Nearly one in five construction sites failed safety checks during a national initiative to improve construction site safety - a slight improvement on previous years.  more info

29/03/12 - New Date For H&S Cost Recovery Scheme

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has announced that its cost recovery scheme, Fee for Intervention, is going ahead but will now not start in April 2012.  more info

29/03/12 - How To Avoid Bad Builders And Bad Customers

Let's face it; there are good and bad builders and customers alike. Yet everyone can protect themselves from the disreputable ones by using the JCT Home Owner contract for peace of mind and legal protection.  more info

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